Main Hall

Dimensions: 9.4 m x 17.6 m including stage

empty floor space is about 9 x 9.4 m


The Main Hall is a large, flexible space suitable for a variety of uses.


From £15.00 an hour for weekday, daytime bookings (finishing by 5 p.m.).

From £20.00 an hour for weekday evening bookings, 5 p.m. onwards.

From £30.00 an hour for Fridays (from 5 p.m.), Saturdays and Sundays. 


Please note that neither the Kitchen nor the fixed seating at the back of the Hall are currently available due to COVID-19 precautions.



There is a Minimum Booking of 1.5 hours, with 15 mins uncharged to enable sanitising by the booker before the arrival and after the departure of the guests/participants. For example,a 1.5 hour booking will appear on the calendar as a 2 hour slot.

N.B. If you plan to run multiple short sessions within the booking you need to allocate 30 minutes within your booking between sessions to enable safe departure/arrival of participants, with time for you to sanitise between sessions.


Morton Hall provide sanitising and disinfecting materials. However Hirers are responsible for sanitising and disinfecting pinch points eg door handles and plates,light switches, desks. You should bring disposable cups and plates if you wish to serve pre-prepared food/drinks, and remove all rubbish at the end of session, leaving the room ready for next hirer. Professional cleaners are attending more frequently.


Types of bookings

N.B. Adult parties/family gatherings are not currently accepted. This will change as the government roadmap progresses.

The following types of booking are available to comply with COVID-19 guidance. In all cases, to improve ventilation, the rear ramped exit door must be fastened fully open throughout the session, in all weather conditions, and only when open may the ceiling fans be used.


1. Seated meeting/training (max 24 participants + 1 tutor/trainer)

Seats arranged in rows facing tutor, observing social distance of 2m between chairs and rows.


2. Active groups eg Pilates, Yoga, Dance practice and Exercise (max 20 participants + 1 tutor/trainer) -

Participants should position themselves facing tutor observing social distance of 2m.


3. Children's Party with Entertainer - children seated

Day-time primary school age children's parties are limited to a maximum of up to 20 children who already socialise, with a booked entertainer, and maximum of 7 other adults in attendance.

Seats should be arranged in rows facing entertainer, observing social distance of 2m between chairs and rows, then 4 per table for food (brought pre-prepared).

The Main Hall (The Morton Hall)


Overall 9.4m x 17.8m + stage 9.4m x 5m

Clear floor space 9.4m x 13.8m


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