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Our Mission

Morton Hall Community Centre is the largest venue based on the eastern side of Macclesfield, Cheshire, run by Volunteers on a non-profit basis. We aim to keep the Hall open and in good repair, upgrading our facilities when funds permit, for all to use.


The Main Hall has a capacity of 200 and can accommodate up to 100 people with tables and chairs.  It is available for hire by the community and voluntary groups.  Facilities include the Main Hall which is a large hall with stage, sprung dance floor, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound system, and adjoining commercial kitchen plus four other smaller meeting rooms. 

Our History

Built in 1939 as a social club for the workers at the nearby Hovis Mill. The large basement has an unusual ceiling, built to withstand blasts, as it was used as an air raid shelter in WW2. There was a tunnel from Union Road into the basement so residents could get there quickly.

Many Macclesfield residents have fond memories of Morton Hall when it was home to a youth club which was run during the period when Cheshire County Council actively managed the building (1972 to 2002).


In 2002 it was leased by a group of local residents on a two year lease, and is still rented from Cheshire East with an all-repairing 25 year lease with 10 years remaining.


Our sole income is gained from hiring out the building. The Hall is

currently undergoing a series of repairs and improvements made possible by grant funding from the New Homes Bonus from Cheshire East,- £16,566.79, £2,000 for 2 new fire exit doors and other repairs from Macclesfield Town Council  and our own contribution.of £5,000.


In 2017 we received grant funding from, from Macclesfield Town Council for small kitchen quipment and also from Cheshire East in 2017 for china and cutlery.  In the past funding was provided by Awards for All, and the WREN project.  Any profits are ploughed back into the building for repairs and improvements.


Today, Morton Hall Community Centre is a Registered Charity run by a Company Limited by Guarantee.


Reg. Charity No. 1105157.  Company No. 4700429

The Hall Today

The building is home to many local community groups including for a variety of fitness sessions, such as Pilates x 4, WildaboutPilates x 3,Yoga, Zumba x 2, Tia Chi.  Also for  a Choir Practice, Spanish,  Dog Training, and Friday Prayers.  We also hold a monthly Community Coffee Morning to which everyone is welcome to attend.  Also used by a number of training companies, and other voluntary organisations..


The hall is perfect for day-time children's parties, fund raisers, training sessions, and private and public meetings, and funeral wakes. New users are always welcome and we will be very happy to show you around and match the perfect space for your needs to one of the five available to hire.


The Hall is run entirely by volunteers:  The Management Committee is made up of the following members who are not paid for their work, and meet bi-monthly;-


Jacqui Whibberley – Director and Trustee; Chair, Bookings Secretary and Hall Manager

Christine Tomlinson – Director and Trustee - Document Checker and Proof Reader

Frances Bell – Director and Trustee - Campaigning, Facilitating Meetings and Software Evaluation.

Simon Leah – Director and Trustee - DiY Maintenance, Late Event Closing, and IT Systems

Mike Melia - Director and Trustee, and Treasurer


Plus our other Volunteeers who help with our Community Coffee Mornings, Special Events, Opening and/or Closing, as well as with re-painting, small maintenance tasks, health and safety,  heating setting, special cleaning tasks, and room layout.


NB. A limited number of regular hirers may be co-opted onto the Committee at the AGM held each May.

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We are a non-profit organisation, and a registered charity run entirely by a very small group of Volunteers. If you would like to support us in any way, it would be a great help, and much appreciated.  Contact us @

bookings@mortonhallcommunitycentre,co,uk confirming what you

would like to do. We look forward to hearing from you! 

(A list of current Volunteering Roles can be found on our Volunteer Page on the "Home Page" and "Contact" page headings


Morton Hall Community Centre

Union Road  
SK11 7BN


To make all booking enquiries please first check our published calendar which shows availability.  Look ar our room descriptions to see which meats your needs, and then complete our Hallmark booking request form. 


We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours except at weekends and bank holiday weekends or Hall closure periods.


Please remember to include, maximum numbers likely to attend, and setting up and clearning away time e.g. a two hour children's party will require a MINIMUM of 3 hrs. We then get back to you asap to confirm continued availability and a price.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Company No. 4700429

Reg. Charity No. 1105157

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