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Our Mission

Morton Hall Community Centre is the largest venue based on the eastern side of Macclesfield, Cheshire. 


It has a capacity of 200 and can accommodate up to 100 people with tables and chairs.  It is available for hire by community and voluntary groups.  Facilities include the Hovis Hall which is a large hall with stage, bar area and adjoining kitchen plus a few smaller rooms. 

Our History

Built in 1939 as a social club for the workers at the nearby Hovis Mill. The large basement has an unusual ceiling, built to withstand blasts, as it was used as an air raid shelter in WW2. There was a tunnel from Union Road into the basement so residents could get there quickly.

Many Macclesfield residents have fond memories of Morton Hall when it was home to a youth club which was run during the period when Cheshire County Council actively managed the building (1972 to 2002).


During recent years the building has been refurbished and facilities upgraded thanks to funding from Awards for All and a number of WREN grants.


Today, Morton Hall Community Centre is a Registered Charity run by a Company Limited by Guarantee.


Reg. Charity No. 1105157.  Company No. 4700429

The Hall Today

The building is home to many local community groups including dance clubs, fitness groups, art classes, and two Brass Bands rehearsals.  It is also used as a polling station for elections.


The hall is perfect for children's parties, fundraisers, and our smaller rooms are ideal for private meetings.  Enquiries from new users are always welcome and we will be very happy to show you around.


The Hall is run entirely by volunteers:


Jacqui Whibberley – Director and Trustee; Chair, Event Bookings

Councillor Mick Warren – Director and Trustee, Vice-Chair

Christine Tomlinson – Director and Trustee

Jennifer Soames – Director and Trustee; Treasurer

Frances Bell – Director and Trustee

Simon Leah – Director and Trustee

Adam Wilson – Director and Trustee; Competent Health and Safety Person


Patty Callaghan – Secretary, Regular Bookings

Aleksander Iljaszewicz – Marketing/Website/Facebook/Twitter/etc.

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We are a non-profit organisation. If you can support us in any way, please check out the Volunteer page for more information.


Morton Hall Community Centre

Union Road  
SK11 7BN


Patty Callaghan (Secretary):



Regular bookings (e.g. classes): Patty Callaghan  pattycallaghan@btinternet.com


Bookings (parties & events): Jacqui Whibberley  bookings@mortonhallcommunitycentre.co.uk

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Company No. 4700429

Reg. Charity No. 1105157

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